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Sustainable farming can only be achieved through integrated practices
focussed on the following three factors:

Good biological life in soils is what determines the success of sustainability of the soil. A good healthy diverse population of beneficial soil microbiology can only be achieved if…
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Considering that every mineral needed in plant growth has a polarity and a frequency, would it not make sense that these characteristics play a role in the…
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The plant’s main job is to photosynthesize, creating sugar. A plant with increased sugar levels will result in increased energy but also increased nutrition and…
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Our product range and programs offer, in a complete package, the results that ensure our clients will become more productive, more effective, more profitable and sustainable. 

Our Vision

To be recognized as trusted supplier of proven and reliable products to the benefit of all clients. 


– Reliability:
We can be relied upon to deliver the agreed product and service on time.

– Quality:
We pride ourselves on the quality of our product range and the efficacy of these products.

–  Professionalism:
We commit to delivering a professional service through our competence, integrity and leading-edge technology.

– Ethics:
As a member of the “Unashamedly Ethical” movement, we commit to ethical business practices and values.

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