What Is Chlorine Dioxide?

Chlorine Dioxide is not another form of chlorine. It is defined as having ” NO ELEMENTAL FREE CHLORINE ” hence it does not chlorinate.

1.  Chlorine dioxide does not dissociate in water:  It stays as chlorine dioxide therefore its ability to operate as a disinfectant / sanitizer is independent of pH.

2.  Chlorine dioxide has a few specific chemical reactions:
a.  it has a very low toxicity rating. It is generally regarded as a ” non – irritant ”
b.  it is not corrosive.

3.  Chlorine dioxide has a very high efficacy against bacteria, fungi, yeasts moulds; viruses; algae; and protozoa: It has little to no effect on human, animal and fish cells. It has been shown to have high efficacy against mollusks and acaricides with unconfirmed reports suggesting some action against nematodes.

4.  Chlorine dioxide does not constitute a risk against the environment “: The Alliance for Environmental Technology (AET), is a group of 19 North American chemical manufacturers and forest product companies, has indicated that the ” environmental risks of a modern paper mill using chlorine dioxide are “INSIGNIFICANT. ”

5.  The low oxidation potential of chlorine dioxide means that it can penetrate biofilm and has been proven as the MOST effective chemical against biofilm: This has now been recognized by numerous organisations eg. Institute of Food Technologists. It has been clinically demonstrated that the presence of biofilm is the critical step in the infection pathway of legionellosis. A simple and elegant solution is available in chlorine dioxide to overcome the problems related to having biofilm in a system.

6.  It is known that chlorine dioxide is a factor lower in dosage for the same efficacy against bacteria and fungi when compared against any other standard disinfectant like chlorine, iodine, bromine, hydrogen peroxide, quaternary   ammonium compounds (QUATS), glutraladehyde, phenolics and peroxyacetic acid formulations.

7.  Finally, chlorine dioxide can be easily and accurately measured in the packhouse, at the farm or food plant. No other disinfectant / sanitiser can make this claim hence chlorine dioxide can easily meet GMP, HACCP, SQF or any other quality food safety management system for consistency of performance.

In conclusion, therefore we have a disinfectant which is an oxidant with few chemical reactions, no pH limitations, very low toxicity, worldwide approval for drinking water, very high efficacy against micro-organisms, has a strong and measurable residual. The product when applied will not corrode equipment and will not produce an environment harmful to workers or consumers.

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