Supa-Natural is a highly effective liquid fertilizer manufactured from pelagic fish. Pelagic fish are a rich source of plant nutrients due to the mineral rich plankton on which these fish feed. Supa-Natural offers plants a balanced source of both macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients and because these elements are in a natural form they are absorbed immediately by plants.

Benefits of Supa-Natural:

  • Excellent balance of plant nutrients for both foliar and soil applications: Pure forms of N; P; K; Ca; Mg; S; Zn; Fe; Mn; B; Cu; Mo.
  • Excellent source of Carbon: Excellent food source for beneficial soil micro-organisms.
  • High in amino acids: Acts as a carrier (chelates) for other plant nutrients applied with it.
  • 98% immediately available to the plants: This accelerated absorption leads to increased physiological and morphological growth which decreases plant stress.
  • Does not leach quickly out of the soil: because of the high carbon content it remains within the root zone and binds with other elements within the soil to make them available to the plant.
  • Contains no carrier chemicals: will therefore not burn plants.

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