Ergofito is an organic bio-fertilizer  with a mixture of 42 of the most important soil micro-organisms with enzymes, amino acids, macro-elements, micro-elements, auxins, cytokinins, vitamins, humic acid and fulvic acid in a balanced formula. The focus is on soil health and at the same time stimulating the plants natural immune system.

Ergofito accelerates the development of plants by creating optimal growth conditions which results in reduced plant stres. Plants with more and larger fleshy leaves will stimulate quality and quantity in yields. Exhausted soil is remediated in a very short period with Ergofito. Without balanced microbial activity in the root zone plants are unable to achieve their normal potential.

Soils are alive and breathe atmospheric oxygen, consume nutrients and process waste. Microorganisms are the lifeblood of soil. Without microbial life anaerobic soil leads to a decrease in the uptake of nutrients.

Plants do not produce food to feed animals and people, but to reproduce their own species. Propagation is in direct proportion to quantity, promotion of health and vitality of the nutrient reserves  of the reproductive material (seeds, legumes, fruits etc). So we can understand that the seeds for the propagation of plants are protected by the plants to ensure maximum survival and therefore will develop more healthy plant fruit with sufficient flesh, sugars, vitamins and antioxidants. Plants can only produce with what is available for reproduction.

Plants can not run away from problems like diseases and insects and therefore plants have developed their own robust built in bio-engineered protection systems to fight against these problems.

1kg Ergofito is the equivalent of 7 tons earthworm castings.

Benefits of Ergofito

– Acclerated conversion of organic matter into humus (plant available food).
– Promotes earthworm life.
– Removes exudates.
– Reduces trace element shortages.
– Large increase in plant resistance to disease presence and insects.
– Prevents and repairs soil exhaustion.
– Increased plant sap and fruit brix.
– Increased yield.
– Improved plant growth.
– Eliminates soil pathogens.

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