Remediates Soil Compaction And Salinity Leading To Optimal Air And Water Penetration

Enviro-Cal is a unique formulation of calcium used for the removal of harmful salts from the soil and at the same time rectifying the electrical charge of the soil colloids which results in soils becoming flocculated (uncompacted).

There is one word that can define Calcium – “STRUCTURE”. Calcium is the single most important element in life for without it no living organism would have any structure. Soil is a living breathing mass and also needs structure and therefore calcium is the first most important element in good healthy soil, microbes, plants, animals or any other living organism.

Fact: Free elemental (available) Calcium does not occur in nature! Calcium has a very strong double positive electrical charge and because of this fact it is always surrounded by the negatively charged elements to which it is bound. In simple terms calcium is surrounded with a negative jacket and because soil colloids are negatively charged the calcium cannot bind with the negatively charged soil colloids and will therefore leach deeper into the soil over a period of time. Calcium is the only mineral that can flocculate high clay soils. Magnesium, Potassium and Sodium cause soil compaction which leads to poor air and water penetration. Because of the calcium not being able to bind with the clay colloids the magnesium, sodium and potassium dominate on the soil colloids which leads to soil compaction which leads to unhealthy unproductive soil that is very expensive to farm on.

Only microbes can make calcium available: this is the reason why all traditional sources of calcium such as lime and gypsum take 3 – 4 years to have any effect on soil calcium availability and why pH changes are so small. The reason why tons per hectare of lime and gypsum is required is because firstly of the very small amount of calcium that will be made available from these products and secondly because calcium is always bound to other negatively charges molecules it carries a lot of unneeded baggage in the form of carbonates, sulphur, chorides etc. Only beneficial soil microbes will free locked up nutrients in the soil and make them available to plants. These beneficial soil microbes need air to breath and will only be able to make the calcium in the aerobic zone (the depth of the soil which the air can penetrate) available to plants. Because calcium leaches down in the soil profile it is not within the aerobic zone and there is therefore limited available calcium for the plants.

Very important: root hairs also only grow in the aerobic zone of the soil. It is the root hairs that absorb minerals for plant health and if soils are compacted then root hair development is limited which results in limited nutrient uptake of plants which results in limited production and quality of crops.

Knowing now that the two most important factors (beneficial soil microbes and root hair development) for good, healthy and productive crops both need air to proliferate it is clear that available calcium is the key to successful crops. Enviro-Cal is this available source of calcium with very limited baggage which allows the calcium to bind with the soil colloids and open up the soil and allow it to breathe deeper which results in deeper beneficial soil microbe activity and deeper root hair penetration and thus much improved calcium uptake by plants which results in higher performance of crops which results in higher productivity and profitability. 



  • Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ carries no baggage such as magnesium, carbonates and sulphur etc as is the case with traditional lime and gypsum.
  • Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ consists of 4 types of calcium (ionic, colloidal, metallic and covalent) which are blended at various rates based on the desired outcome. The rates at which this is blended is proprietary.
  • All calcium products react with the symptom of the problem but Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ corrects the cause of the symptom.
  • Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ is four (4) times more reactive in soil than traditional limes and gypsum.
  • The solubility and fineness of Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ increases the availability and effectiveness of the calcium.
  •  Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ is the closest product to free elemental Calcium.

Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ is the catalyst driving the reactions which release stored calcium and other minerals in the soil.

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