Enviro-Cal is a unique formulation of calcium used for the removal of harmful salts from the soil and at the same time rectifying the electrical charge of the soil colloids which results in soils becoming flocculated (uncompacted).

Conventional forms of calcium have a double positive core charge surrounded by a protective layer of negative charges. In other forms of calcium these negative charges have attracted and have been satisfied by positively charged minerals. Enviro-Cal has been electrically de-ionized or separated from these minerals from the negative jacket surrounding the positive calcium. After this cleaning process, natural water soluble nutrients are re-ionized to satisfy the electrical charges of the calcium.

The electrically available portion of each mineral is equally or more important than the chemical side of the mineral.  The electrical configuration of this process provides electrical attraction to the hydrogen portion of water.  This electrical combination of de-ionizing, re-ionizing with water soluble nutrients and the hydrogen seeking ability provide our calcium the energy needed to naturally, electrically flocculate soil. (Base saturation, CEC’s are simple versions of the electrical laws of physics).


The unique formulation of Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ allows grams per hectare instead of tons per hectare to be used.

  • Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ is NOT LIME and carries no baggage such as magnesium, carbonates and sulphur etc as is the case with traditional lime and gypsum.
  • Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ consists of 4 types of calcium (ionic, colloidal, metallic and covalent) which are blended at various rates based on the desired outcome. The rates at which this is blended is proprietary.
  • All calcium products react with the symptom of the problem but Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ corrects the cause of the symptom.
  • Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ is four (4) times more reactive in soil than traditional limes and gypsum.
  • The solubility and fineness of Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ increases the availability and effectiveness of the calcium.
  • GSR Calcium is the closest product to free elemental Calcium.

Why use Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ ? Envir-Cal⁺⁺ is specifically designed to work on the soil conditions which cause the problems. An imbalance or excessive amount of nutrients such as salt, sodium, potassium, magnesium or sulphur generally cause most problems including poor water penetration, pH too low or too high and excessive clods.

Man Made Bonded Electrical Satisfied Calcium such as Calcium Nitrate and Calcium Chloride are bonded with volatile elements. Much of the electrical properties of calcium are used in bonding calcium with these volatile unstable elements.  Satisfying the electrical properties of calcium naturally or synthetically results in a loss of the highly electrical properties of pure calcium rendering the physiochemical properties of calcium inadequate.

A higher brix content in the plant also equates to longer shelf life, increased plant immunity and overall higher quality produce. The electrical and physiochemical properties of Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ unlock the stored calcium and minerals in the soil and the plant benefits and produces higher yields and higher quality.

Enviro-Cal⁺⁺ is the catalyst driving the reactions which release stored calcium and other minerals in the soil.

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