A unique mineral balance for optimal plant physiology

Indicators of plants with a low mineral content:

  • Poor growth.
  • Plants are susceptible to plant stress factors – heat, cold, drought, chemical sprays.
  • Fruit abortion.
  • Poor quality of produce (colour, taste and shelf life).
  • Alternative yields – one year plants yield well and the next year the plants yield poorly.
  • Poor root development which leads to poor mineral uptake by the plants.
  • Plants are more susceptible to diseases and insects

The effective operation of all physiological processes in plants is completely dependent on the mineral content of the plants. Optimum plant physiology leads to higher yields and improved quality of produce.

There are many minerals which do not form part of conventional fertilization programs but which are needed for effective physiological processes of plants. Restore supplements the plants with these very specific and unique minerals.

3 most important physiological processes in plants

    1. Photosynthesis:
      The process by which plants convert energy from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide into chemical energy (sugar).
    2. Respiration:
      The chemical process by which plant cells stay alive by breaking down the sugars manufactured by photosynthesis and converting these sugars into chemical energy for the cells to function optimally (cell growth, repair and new cell production).
    3. Transpiration:
      The movement of water from the roots to the leaves and the loss of this water through the stomata in the leaves.

The unique minerals in Restore stimulate the mitochondria (power stations of cells) in the cells of plants. Mito-chondria generate the supply of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the energy currency of plants. All the energy needed to perform physiological operations is directly obtained from ATP. This results in plants with a higher metabolism and improved defense mechanism.

Advantages of Restore

  • Protection of plants against cold, heat and drought.
  • Improved photosynthesis.
  • Improved respiration.
  • Improved transpiration.
  • Increased plant metabolism.
  • Improved plant health.
  • Helps plants recover from damage by herbicides and chemical sprays.
  • Optimal and balanced growth of plants.
  • Improved yields and quality of produce.
  • Plants less susceptible to alternative yields.

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