Optimizing Plant Physiology

Peptonic is a concentrated natural plant derived product containing a balanced mixture of a combination of unique minerals, metabolites, phytohormones and L-amino acids which are essential for the effective operation of all the physiological processes of plants.

Successful yields and the quality of yields is based on the following factors:

  • Optimum photosynthesis.
  • Minimal plant stress.
  • Effective absorption of minerals.
  • Optimum translocation and usage of minerals in plants.
  • High level of plant metabolism.

There are many minerals which do not form part of conventional fertilization programs but which are needed for effective physiological processes of plants. Peptonic supplements the plants with these very specific and unique minerals. The unique minerals in Peptonic stimulate the mitochondria (power stations of cells) in the cells of plants. Mitochondria generate the supply of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which is the energy currency of plants. All the energy needed to perform physiological operations is directly obtained from ATP. This results
in plants with a higher metabolism and improved defense mechanism.

Optimum physiological processes of plants leads to higher yields and an improved quality (pack out percentage) of produce.

Advantages of Using Peptonic

  • Improved photosynthesis.
  • Improved respiration.
  • Improved transpiration.
  • Improved plant health.
  • Recovery of plants damaged by chemical sprays.
  • Alternate bearing of fruit tress is less prominent.
  • Minimal plant stress and improved yields and quality which are imperative to sustainability.
  • Uniform flowering and fruit set.
  • Peptonic can be applied as both a foliar as well as a soil application.
  • Peptonic is an exceptional source of energy for plants and soil microbes especially during periods of high
    plant stress. The increased metabolism of the plants results in less fruit abortion under high stress factors
    and better transportation and use of minerals which leads to improved plant health and quality of produce.
  • Peptonic optimizes the amino acid levels of plants after application.
  • Peptonic chelates nutrients which leads to an increase in plant absorption of the nutrient elements.

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