Plant Guard

Plant  Protection Optimization


  • Decreased yields.
  • Decreased quality of produce.
  • Poor seed development.
  • Uneven flowering
  • Poor fruit set.
  • Poor colouring of fruits.
  • Plants wilt easily.
  • Plants are more susceptible to attack from insects and diseases
  • Longevity of crops decreases.

Crop Candy is a natural plant derived product with a combi-nation of unique minerals, metabolites, phytohormones and L-amino acids.

These metabolites, phytohormones and L-Amino acids play a vital role in the regulation of the cellular processes of plant cells as well as the formation of roots, stems and leaves and flowers and the development and ripening of fruit. They also play an important role in the defense mechanisms of plants against biotic and abiotic stress factors.

Successful yields and the quality of yields is based on the following factors:

  • Optimum photosynthesis.
  • Minimal plant stress.
  • Effective absorption of minerals.
  • Optimum translocation and usage of minerals in plants.
  • High level of plant metabolism.

Advantages of Crop Candy

  • Minimal plant stress and improved yields and quality are imperative to sustainable crop production.
  • Uniform flowering and fruit set combine with optimal nutrition
  • Crop Candy is an exceptional source of energy for plants and soil microbes especially during periods of high plant stress. The increased metabolism of the plants results in less fruit abortion under high stress factors and better transportation and use of minerals which leads to improved plant health and quality of produce.
  • Plants produce their own amino acids for metabolic processes to take place but during times of high plant stress such as heat, cold, drought and herbicide damage, optimal amino acid synthesis is suppressed. Crop Candy optimizes amino acid levels after application.
  • Due to the levels of amino acids as well as the fulvic acid and humic acid content, Crop Candy chelates nutrients which leads to an increase in plant absorption of the nutrient elements.
  • Crop Candy can be applied as both a foliar as well as a soil application.
  • During flowering, Crop Candy initiates the flowering process to ensure even flowering and fruit set. The improved metabolism of the plants leads to less unnatural fruit abortion resulting in higher yields.

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